Whether you have a life-threatening emergency or need immediate care for a broken bone or another urgent health problem, you can trust MU Health Care’s fast, expert emergency care team.

As the only Level I Trauma Center in central Missouri, we’re able to provide complete care — prevention, diagnosis and treatment — for the most serious illnesses and injuries, including burns. When you come to our emergency room (ER), you can be confident you’re getting the highest-quality care in the region.

When you or a loved one has a life-threatening emergency, we understand you want to see someone right away — that’s why we use a streamlined process we call FastER to reduce your wait time and make your visit as fast and smooth as possible.

When you arrive, we're ready

Our process is designed to deliver the best care in the least amount of time: Here’s how: 

  • You see a nurse first. When you arrive, you'll see a triage nurse first. The nurse will ask you questions about your health problem and take your vital signs (heart and breathing rate, blood pressure and temperature). Doing this will help us decide how quickly you’re seen — the most serious injuries are seen first.
  • We "fast track" service. During busier periods, we'll come to you in the waiting room to speed up service. A nurse will give you medicine if you need it and set up X-rays or lab tests to get your care started right away.
  • We get you in and out quickly. If you don't need complex care, we want to make your visit as fast as we can. We'll take care of X-rays, prescriptions and other needs quickly. Our goal is to get you what you need in under an hour.

Mid-Missouri's emergency care leader

We have the only board-certified team of ER doctors in central Missouri, and they work with an emergency care team that operates an ambulance service and a helicopter service to provide emergency transport throughout mid-Missouri and beyond.

Our emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have access to the latest technology, so they can begin lifesaving treatment as quickly as possible. This includes everything from diagnostic equipment to therapies that stabilize time-sensitive conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. In fact, MU Health Care has attained the highest designation as part of the Missouri Time Critical Diagnosis System for trauma, stroke and STEMI (a specific type of heart attack).

By working closely with first responders, our emergency care team makes sure you get the treatments you need as quickly as possible — even before you come through our doors.

Specialized emergency care for kids

We know children are more than just little adults, and we understand you want expert, compassionate care when your child has an emergency.

Our pediatric emergency care team is the only one in mid-Missouri with doctors and nurses trained to specifically care for kids. We also have kid-friendly spaces and staff who specialize in taking the "ouch" out of a visit to the ER.

Learn more about our emergency care for kids.

Pregnancy Emergencies

If you experience an emergency while pregnant, MU Health Care offers to options for care, depending on your gestational age and emergency.

  • 20+ weeks with a pregnancy-related emergency: OB Triage is located on the fifth floor of the Birthing Center and provides 24/7 emergency assessment and care for patients with pregnancy-related concerns.
  • Less than 20 weeks: Located at 1 Hospital Drive, our University Hospital ER can care for patients under 20 weeks pregnant with a pregnancy-related concern, as well as any pregnant woman experiencing a non-pregnancy-related emergency.

Not sure you need the ER?

If you don't have an emergency, but you need to see someone right away, MU Health Care offers several options for convenient, on-demand care, including video visits.

Learn more about our convenient care options.