The Staff for Life Helicopter Service serves the state of Missouri through the provision of stabilization and transportation of critically injured or ill children and adults by experienced flight nurses and paramedics with advanced training and education.

Responding to both injury scene and other facilities, the helicopter service personnel deliver state-of-the-art clinical care and stabilization with rapid response to requests.

Photo of helicopter.

The Staff for Life Helicopter Service fulfills the need for advanced life support and rapid transport of the critically injured to definitive care. As part of the Emergency Medical Response System, the helicopter service works cooperatively with referring law, fire and ambulance services, as well as referring facilities. Owned and operated by Air Methods Corporation in partnership with University of Missouri Health Care, the Staff for Life Helicopter Service provides rapid response, critical care nursing, advanced invasive skills, and safe transportation 24/7. Our air medical crew members meet and perform the highest obtainable standards of safety, professionalism and respect for human life.


Public Notice Policy


Public Notification POLICY: The Commission requires a Program to inform the public of a scheduled Site Survey, other than a Site Survey following a fatal Accident, and invites them to provide the Site Survey team with relevant information. The Program must provide an opportunity for members of the public to participate in a public information interview during a site visit. The public includes but is not limited to: referral and receiving agents; patients and their families; patient advocacy and advocacy groups; and members of the community the program serves.


  1. The Commission requires that the Program scheduled for a Site Survey post or make announcements of:
    • The Site Survey date;
    • The opportunity for a public information interview; and
    • How to request an interview
  2. Postings shall be made in a format consistent with the one provided by the Commission (see example to follow) and should be posted in public areas where the Program is based (reception areas, airport facilities, hospital reception areas, etc.)
  3. Advance Notice: Postings shall be displayed at least 30 days prior to a Site Survey. Notices must remain posted until the Site Survey is completed. Copies of the notice shall be provided to CAMTS within two (2) weeks of the Site Survey. Failure to provide advance notice may result in the cancellation of the Site Survey at the Program’s expense (see Policy 04.05.00).
  4. Informing the community: Reasonable steps must be taken to inform the community of its opportunity for public information interviews at least 30 days before the site visit. Failure to provide notice to the public may result in the cancellation of the Site Survey at the Program’s expense (see Policy 04.05.00). Reasonable Steps include, but are not limited to:
    • Informing stakeholders that have communicated with the Program in the previous 12 months.
    • Reaching out to other members of the community (choose at least two of the following strategies):
    • Public service announcements
      • Classified advertisements (run 2-3 days, 30 days prior to visit)
      • Postings on the Program’s Web site
      • Announcements in newsletters.
    • Informing individuals who inquire about the Site Survey about the Site Survey date and the public’s opportunity to participate.
  5. Compliance with the Public Information Interview Policy. The Site Surveyors will review the Program’s compliance with the policy outlined above and indicate whether it believes the Program has complied with the policy during the closing conference. Findings will be included in the Site Surveyor’s report to the Board.
  6. Conducting the Public Information Interview
    • Handling requests – Individuals requesting a public information interview shall submit their requests and the nature of the information to be provided in writing to the Commission no later than five days before a scheduled Site Survey.
    • If the request for a public information interview is made to the Program, the Program will forward this request to the Commission within five (5) days of receipt of the request. Individuals making oral requests should be instructed to make requests in writing.
  7. Scheduling Interviews – The Program must provide potential public information interview participants with advance notice of not less than 10 days. Prior to the Site Survey, the Commission is responsible for notifying individuals requesting an interview of the time, date, and place of the interview.
  8. Interview Eligibility - Individuals whose written requests are untimely will not be interviewed unless time permits. If not interviewed, such individuals may provide a written statement to CAMTS.
  9. Interview Process – Interviews shall be conducted by the Site Survey team, outside the presence of Program personnel. The Program will provide reasonable accommodations for the interview(s).
  10. The interview shall not serve as a debate between the Site Survey team and the Interviewee.

Additionally, the Site Surveyors will not convey conclusions to any interviewee.

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems will conduct an accreditation site visit of: STAFF FOR LIFE HELICOPTER SERVICES On September 21-22, 2017

The purpose of the site visit will be to evaluate the program’s compliance with nationally established medical transport standards. The site visit results will be used to determine whether, and the conditions under which accreditation should be awarded to the program. CAMTS accreditation standards deal with issues of patient care and safety of the transport environment. Anyone believing that he or she has pertinent or valid information about such matters may request a public information interview with the CAMTS site surveyors at the time of the site visit. Information presented at the interview will be carefully evaluated for relevance to the accreditation process. Requests for public information interviews must be made in writing and sent to CAMTS no later than 5 business days before the site survey begins. The request should also indicate the nature of the information to be provided during the interview.

Such request should be addressed to:

Office of the Executive Director Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems
PO Box 130 Sandy Springs, SC 29677

The Commission will acknowledge such written requests in writing or by telephone and will inform the program of the request for an interview. The Commission will, in turn, notify the interviewee of the date, time and place of the meeting. This notice is posted in accordance with CAMTS requirements and shall not be removed until the site visit is completed.

Date Posted: Aug. 17, 2017

Aircraft Requests

To request a helicopter, contact the Staff for Life Communications Center at 800-325-5400.

Requests from Hospitals

Hospitals requesting inter-facility transfers do not need to be in our normal coverage zones. Our air medical transport will respond to any hospital in the state of Missouri and transfer to the receiving facility.

Information needed for patient transports:

Requests from Emergency Medical Services Providers

Information needed for patient transports:

  • Name of requesting agency
  • Call back number
  • Number and approximate age of patient(s)
  • Location of landing zone including points of reference that may be seen from the air, such as antennas, water towers, major roadways and intersections 
  • EMS may also utilize pre-designated landing zones in the area
  • Ground contact
  • Contact frequency (usually Fire Mutual Aid 154.28000)

Service Area

The map below shows the Staff for Life Helicopter’s service area; however, hospitals requesting inter-facility transfers do not need to be in our normal coverage zones. Our air medical transport will respond to any hospital in the state of Missouri and transfer to the receiving facility.

Map of helicopter service area.

The Staff for Life Helicopter Service features three aircraft at three bases in Missouri. The helicopters are located in Columbia, Osage Beach and La Monte.  


The Staff for Life Helicopter Service’s black-and-gold helicopter is a MD-902. The MD-902, or Staff for Life One, is located at MU Health Care in Columbia. In addition to routine scene and inter-hospital flights, this helicopter is also used for Children’s Hospital pediatric and neonatal transports, and other specialty transports such as balloon pump patients. It can transport patients up to 500 pounds, features space for an additional medical team member and has the safety features of night vision, terrain avoidance and autopilot. This aircraft is also equipped to do IFR flights. The unique NOTAR design, or no tail rotor, enhances safety and reduces external noise levels.

Osage Beach

The Staff for Life Helicopter Service also operates two EC130 single engine aircraft. The EC 130 has the largest interior cabin of any single engine helicopter which makes it ideal for delivering patient care. The fenestron tail makes it more environmentally friendly by decreasing the noise level to 50% of an aircraft with an exposed tail rotor system.

The Staff for Life Helicopter Service’s Staff for Life Two, has the primary mission of providing critical care air transport for the Lake of the Ozarks region. This aircraft is based at Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach and primarily transports patients to Columbia, Osage Beach and Springfield.


The second EC130, Staff for Life Three, is based in La Monte. This aircraft is capable of transporting patients to medical facilities in Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield. It has been serving west central Missouri since 2005.