Helipad Procedure for Incoming Aircraft


To ensure appropriate utilization of MU Health Care helipads and maintain the availability of landing areas for medical helicopters while coordinating safe operations on the pad.


  • CEN COM: Air Evac EMS, Inc. Communication Center
  • CS: Communication Specialist
  • ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
  • UH: University Hospital
  • WCH: Women’s and Children’s Hospital


The University Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Hospital helipads will be limited to air medical-related transports only. Utilization will be limited to patient transports, personnel, equipment and blood or organ transfers unless prior authorization is obtained from the Program Coordinator or hospital designee.


  1. The CEN COM Communication Specialist (CS) directs movement of air medical aircraft at University Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Hospital helipads with prior communication to include patient report, ETA and any assistance needed with patient off-loading.
  2. Other requests for landing should be deferred to MU Health Care Security. The Security Department can be contacted by calling the hospital switchboard at 573-882-4141.
  3. In the event of a military or other oversized aircraft requesting permission to land at the UH helipad, the CEN COM/CS will contact the following:
    1. On-duty flight crew
    2. Hospital Security
  4. The UH helipad, for operational purposes, shall be considered a single spot helipad, with the southern pad being available for visiting aircraft. If the southern helipad is occupied at UH or the single pad occupied at WCH and an additional aircraft is inbound, the CS will contact UH/WCH Security to request the visiting aircraft pilot relocate to Columbia Regional Airport (KCOU).
  5. All visiting aircraft pilots will remain with their aircraft and be prepared to relocate immediately.
  6. In the event of multiple inbound aircraft arriving at UH/WCH, off-load sequencing will be at the discretion of the incoming medical crews with priority based on patient acuity.
  7. Incoming aircraft may use as an alternate, the helipad at WCH or KCOU at their discretion. Assistance with transport arrangements will be made through CEN COM (844-MUCARE4)
  8. The CEN COM/CS will alert pilots of other inbound aircraft.
  9. All incoming pilots will communicate with:
    1. CEN COM – Pilot-to-pilot and/or in-the-blind on 123.025 on all approach landings at UH/WCH helipads
    2. UH/WCH Emergency Department for patient reports/updates
  10. All outbound pilots will communicate with:
    1. CEN COM
    2. Pilot-to-pilot and/or in-the-blind at intervals on 123.025 before departure from UH/WCH helipads
  11. Pilots will communicate with other aircraft pilots on frequency 123.025 when more than one aircraft is running on the helipad simultaneously and/or when inbound with similar ETA.
  12. All returning pilots for medical crew pick-up after refueling will follow the same above incoming communication. All inbound aircraft with patient drop-off will be given priority landing before crew pick-up aircraft.
  13. Hospital security personnel will monitor the helipad during flight operations with the capability of communicating with flight personnel via radio.
  14. MU Air Medical Service personnel will refrain from patient loading/off-loading when more than one aircraft is operating “hot” on the helipad.
  15. Aircraft are prohibited from landing or departing from the UH/WCH helipad without prior contact with CEN COM and pilot-to-pilot on 123.025.