If you or a loved one has suffered the pain of severe or even minor burns, you want compassionate, expert care and hope for healing.

At MU Health Care’s George D. Peak Memorial Burn and Wound Center, we offer leading-edge burn care for patients of all ages. We provide the most complete care in central Missouri — from the initial care of severe burns to outpatient services for minor burn injuries.  

As providers at an academic health center, MU Health Care doctors are on the forefront of research to improve treatment for burns. That’s important for you because it means you can get a number of today’s most progressive treatments before they’re widely available. As educators, we also teach children and adults about burn safety to help prevent burns, in addition to training mid-Missouri health care professionals such as emergency room physicians, paramedics and nurses about advanced burn life support.

Burn center care that supports the whole person

Burns require complex care from a multidisciplinary team, which includes trauma specialistsplastic surgeons, wound care nurses, nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and other care team members. We assemble a team based on your individual needs. You’ll also get support and education to manage all aspects of a burn injury. You and your family will get personalized care for your physical and emotional health.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Information and education. We’ll help you and your family understand your injury and make sure you know what to expect throughout every stage of your treatment.
  • Emotional support and resources. A burn injury is life changing, so you’ll receive personalized support to cope with your condition and improve your well-being.
  • Care coordination. We bring together specialists, therapies and other services to make it as easy as possible for you and your loved ones. We’ll help you plan for each step of your recovery.

Focus on recovery

From the moment you arrive in the burn unit, our focus is on optimizing your recovery. The burn center has the latest technology to support healing — including an air handling system that exchanges the air in your room six times an hour with fresh filtered air to prevent infection as well as programmable overhead heating units to prevent hypothermia. Research shows you need at least twice the calories you normally eat after a major burn injury, so we also give you a special diet prescribed by certified nutritionists to support healing and recovery. Your team uses the latest research to bring you the most advanced care.

Your doctor and team will design a personalized care plan to:

  • Restore your physical abilities
  • Control scarring and wound contracture (a complication that limits movement)
  • Help you regain the level of function before the burn
  • Enhance your confidence and self-image

Leading-edge therapies

Our doctors can offer a number of the latest therapies to improve healing, including today’s most progressive new treatments before they’re widely available. You’ll benefit from the wealth of resources you can find only at an academic health center.

Skin substitutes and cultured skin

Doctors use a range of methods to close wounds and improve the way burn-damaged skin looks and functions. Your doctor may take healthy skin from other areas of your body to repair the damaged tissue (autografts) and use other methods to create healthy skin, such as:

  • Cultured skin (uses your healthy skin cells to grow new skin in the lab)
  • Skin substitutes (artificial skin produced in a lab)

MU Health Care burn experts are at the forefront of cultured skin research — the method of using a tiny skin sample to grow your own skin up to 10,000 times its original sample size — and other new technologies. These methods can help limit the amount of your own skin used to cover damaged skin, which can lower the number of surgeries and the length of time you spend in the hospital.