Patient Policies

At MU Health Care we understand where patients receive care is a choice built on respect and communication. We work hard to create an environment where patients, visitors and staff feel valued and safe, and uphold the following policies to reach that goal.

Patients may be asked to seek non-emergency care elsewhere if they do not follow health system guidelines. In most cases, patients will receive verbal and written warning of potential termination before any action is taken, but MU Health Care reserves the right to terminate a patient relationship immediately.

Late or No-Show Appointments

We understand your time is important. We also understand that life happens unexpectedly, which means sometimes you might be late to an appointment or need to reschedule an appointment completely.

To make sure your provider is able to see you on your visit, and that other patients can complete their appointments as scheduled, we ask patients who will be more than 10 minutes late to an appointment to notify us as soon as possible.

Missing three (3) consecutive appointments, or six (6) within 12 months, without notice will result in a warning and may result in you no longer being able to receive care from your provider or from MU Health Care.

Disrespectful Treatment

Verbal or physical abuse or other forms of disrespect toward anyone on our premises is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, threats, abusive or derogatory language, physical assault, theft or persistent drug-seeking behavior. It also includes abuse and inappropriate behavior over the phone or via our online patient portal.

Failure to meet these standards is a violation of patient policy and will result in MU Health Care ending a patient's care relationship.

Not Following Care Plan

Our ability to provide the best care requires a shared understanding and trust in the care plan. If a patient willfully and consistently disregards agreed upon treatment plans without working with their care team, our providers will discuss alternative options including seeking care elsewhere.