Brush Your Allergies Away

Child brushing teeth
New toothpaste treats allergies without disrupting daily routine

Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. Itchy eyes, a runny nose and respiratory reactions can keep you from the outdoor activities you love, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At MU Health Care’s ENT and Allergy Center, we offer treatment options to keep allergies at bay. Not only are traditional therapies such as allergy drops and shots available, but we also offer a new form of treatment that’s as simple as brushing your teeth.

Allergy drops or shots can be easy to forget, and if you’re the parent of a young child with allergies, they aren’t always the easiest option. Using new customized toothpaste, you can treat your allergies without disrupting daily routines.

The toothpaste — available in a variety of flavors — is mixed with allergens specific to your individual allergies. Because our mouths are lined with cells that absorb the allergy medication, brushing with the toothpaste can lessen the severity of your allergies over time or, eventually, even eliminate them.

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