Buzzy Makes Allergy Shots Easier for Kids

Buzzy, a new device that helps distract children from shots

Giving children allergy shots is not an easy task. Children often dread coming for a shot, and the process can be difficult for them as well as their parents and our staff.

Enter Buzzy, a device that helps distract children from shots. Buzzy, which is shaped like a bee, vibrates and has cold wings that help to numb the injection site. Our nurses will apply Buzzy for 30 seconds before administering the shot, then move it to a nearby location to distract children during the process. Research shows the vibrations and cold help block pain receptors.

“We have a lot of children who are scared of shots, and Buzzy is here to help them when they arrive for their weekly shot,” said clinical nurse manager Brooke Biggers, RN. “He helps ease that pain, the fear that kids might have of the pain.”

Although Buzzy is a big help, there are other steps you can take to improve your child’s experience:

  • Talk to your child about what to expect. The word “shot” can be intimidating. Try a different, less threatening word such as “poke” when explaining what will happen.
  • Don’t say it won’t hurt. It might hurt, and you don’t want to lose your child’s trust by insisting otherwise.
  • Bring your child’s favorite toy or stuffed animal to the appointment for comfort.
  • Offer your child choices about how to receive the shot. For example, let your child choose whether to stand or sit or which arm to have poked.
  • Be with your child during the injection. Let your child watch something on your phone during the process or request Buzzy. (Parents must accompany children younger than 12).
  • Offer your child a reward. Our staff has stickers and suckers.


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