Labor and Postpartum Perks to Look for in a Birth Center

couple holding newborn

Whether you’re planning to go all natural or straight for the epidural, it’s important to choose a birth center that has what you need to feel comfortable and confident during your delivery and postpartum care. Here are some things to consider:

Pain Management

Labor can last several hours, even days, so when touring a birth center, look to see what pain management tools they offer. At MU Health Care, all of our labor rooms are equipped with birthing balls and showers to add comfort, and all of our nurses are trained in pain management techniques, such as counterpressure and positioning. We also have an anesthesiologist on-site 24/7 and offer low-intervention suites equipped with hydrotherapy tubs and specially designed birthing furniture.


During your delivery, you should be able to focus on your growing family, not anything or anyone else. Check to see what level of privacy your birth center offers. For our patients, each family receives a private room and bathroom for their labor and postpartum recovery period.


After all of the hard work that goes into delivering a baby, chances are you’re going to want some food. Depending on where your birth center is located, or what time your baby is born, ordering out might not always be an option. At MU Health Care, we have a full kitchen and offer free room service for moms and $5 meals for partners and support people. Patients also can have food delivered to the hospital or take advantage of the cafeteria or the vending machines located throughout the hospital.

Accommodations for Partners and Support People

Because most moms and babies stay one to three nights in the hospital after a birth, check to see if the hospital offers overnight accommodations for partners or support people. Each labor and postpartum room at MU Health Care is equipped with a fold-down couch, pillows and blankets.

Lactation Services

If you choose to breastfeed, having a lactation consultant to assess the baby’s latch, check for any tongue ties and answer any questions can be extremely beneficial. At MU Health Care, our on-site lactation consultants check in with every mom shortly after the baby’s arrival to help with those first moments and to set up any follow-up consultations, if desired.

On-Site Pharmacy

Chances are, you’ll leave the hospital with prescriptions for medication, either for pain or other typical postpartum needs. Having a pharmacy on-site can spare you from an extra stop on the way home. At MU Health Care, we offer an on-site pharmacy and can even deliver prescriptions to your room before you go home.

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