Mother Knows Best: Partner Support During Pregnancy

Matt, Haiden and Kate Fleming

For Kate and Matt Fleming, preparing for the arrival of their son, Haiden, provided new opportunities to work together as a team and learn new ways to support one another.

In what ways did Matt support you during your pregnancy?

Kate: Matt came to every single appointment and was just mentally available any time that I wanted to talk through anything. It is in his nature to want to be informed and participate in as much as possible, so it really made us a team throughout the entire experience.

How did his attending appointments and classes help prepare him for the arrival of your baby?

Kate: I think it was a good reality check. But it was also hard to know specifically what our experience would look like, as every pregnancy is unique. Just by knowing all of the information, it allowed him to be mentally prepared for anything that we thought might come our way. It also reminded us we can only plan so much and that there are certain pieces of the experience that we have to react to as it happens.

Why was it important for you to be there with Kate at all her appointments and classes?

Matt: I wanted to support Kate as well as learn as much as I could about the pregnancy. The more I took away from the appointments and classes, the more prepared I was for the duration of the pregnancy and eventual labor.

What were some of the things Matt did for you that you especially appreciated?

Kate: If anyone has ever read the Love Languages book, they’ll understand what I mean when I say “acts of service” go a long way for me. So any time Matt did something because he knew I would struggle with it or that I would appreciate it being done, that was huge. There was nothing specific that stands out, outside of putting up with me and my random emotions

What were some things you learned that surprised you, and how did that information help you be prepared?

Matt: The classes were especially helpful. At the time it was a lot of information, but once we arrived at the hospital for labor I was able to remember a good amount that was explained during the class.

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