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First Impressions

Empathetic personality helps patient service representative make connections wherever she goes.
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Child Health

Team of specialists at Children’s Hospital deliver coordinated care to help a little girl thrive.
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Cancer Care

Plant scientist faces the future with confidence after surgery for sinus cancer.
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Busy mother of five is on a roll after weight loss surgery.
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Mitral valve repair gives grandfather energy to tackle new projects.
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Shoulder replacements help horseback rider get back in the saddle.
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Extra Life program gives gamers a chance to help Children’s Hospital while having fun.
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The Pinkels help kids through a donation from the GP M.A.D.E Foundation.
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Injury Prevention

The Keep Your Keys program helps older drivers stay safe on the road.
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Letter from Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Richard Barohn, MD
Richard Barohn, MD

The need for health systems to address health disparities has been underscored by challenges brought on by the pandemic. Equitable access to safe and effective vaccines is critical to the health of our communities — it is certainly crucial to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. While COVID-19 provides the most recent evidence, health disparities are not new. Strategies to address all the ways to improve health are needed now more than ever.

We are part of a special community here in mid-Missouri. Numerous civic groups are dedicated to solving a variety of challenges, including health disparities. MU Health Care recently hosted a meeting led by the Randolph County Caring Community Partnership. The focus of this meeting was to reduce vaccine hesitancy in the African American community. It was attended by African American faith and community leaders and youth in our area who are dedicated to solving challenges in the community.

A panel of representatives from MU Health Care discussed important topics such as vaccinations and mental health burdens on youth, as well as how Medicaid expansion has improved access to health care for many Missourians.

MU Health Care’s mission is to save and improve lives. This commitment extends beyond the health care we deliver within our facilities — it means we must contribute to change in the communities we serve. MU Health Care is dedicated to cultivating an environment that is free of racial, gender, age, ability, religious or any other form of discrimination. We know that building this environment must go beyond the pandemic that has already challenged our world. Together — as an organization, community and society — we must champion efforts that lead to real improvements in the ability to achieve maximal health and wellness.

Through collaborations with organizations like the Randolph County Caring Community Partnership, we are part of the community fabric for improving health equity.

It is going to take community leaders and influencers to build trust and share evidence-based information around this important effort. Our community has the resources and tools necessary to save and improve lives for everyone. There is no better time to put these tools to use than right now.

Richard J Barohn, MD
Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
University of Missouri