Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center
1020 Hitt St
Columbia, MO

Phone: 573-882-4800

Other Phone Numbers:

Phone: 573-882-4800

Fax: 573-884-0723

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1. Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center

1020 Hitt St
Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-882-4800
Other Phone Numbers:
Phone: 573-882-4800
Fax: 573-884-0723
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Education & Training

Medical School

University of Missouri School of Medicine


University of Missouri Health Care


University of Missouri Health Care

Board Certification

American Board of Dermatology


MU Health Care participates with most major managed care organizations. To find out whether MU Health Care is a participating provider in your insurance plan or network, or for information on co-payments and deductibles, please contact your insurance carrier directly.

Academic Profile

Chair, Department of Dermatology
Philip C. Anderson Chair of Dermatology
Director, Missouri Telehealth Network
Director, Center for Health Policy

Research Interests

  • Teledermatology
  • Skin cancer, including melanoma
  • Shared decision making in skin cancer treatment
  • Melanoma prevention and screening 

Areas of Expertise

  • Teledermatology
  • Health policy
  • Health literacy


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