Kent's Story: Hearing Aids a Sound Decision for Professor

Photo of variety of hearing aids.

Kent Collins has been teaching for 33 years. As a professor, he knows the importance of good hearing. "It's hard to carry on a seminar if you can't hear your students' questions," Collins said. 

Photo of Kent Collins.
Kent Collins

After struggling with hearing problems for the past two to three years, and hearing his friends share their experiences, Collins made an audiology appointment in early 2017. "I knew the best guarantee of success was to go to the Hearing and Balance Center," he said.

Collins met with audiologist Jaime Sutton and was soon fitted for hearing aids. He quickly noticed changes in his hearing and focused on fine-tuning the devices both in-clinic and at home.

If there's one thing Collins has learned with hearing aids, it's that they aren't an overnight fix. "I honestly thought it would be easier than it has been," he said. "Anyone who goes in to get hearing aids has to know that there is going to be a period of adjustments. I'm still in the early stages of mastering the art of hearing aids, but I know that if I want to hear well, I've got to do this."

As for his hearing, Collins says it has improved since receiving hearing aids. “I joke with my students about my hearing aids and they play with me – sometimes talking very softly, and sometimes in a booming voice. Some of the students think it’s funny, but for me, I just need to be able to hear the comments and the questions."

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