Warm Welcome: Tara Sunderland

Tara Sunderland

About Me

I am from a small town, Fayette, located 45 minutes from Columbia. My husband, Ted, and I have four beautiful children: daughters Skylar, 11, Kynna, 4, and Taya, 2; and a 5-month-old son, Ty. I spend a lot of time being a mom, watching softball games and coaching youth basketball. I became a nurse eight years ago and took my first nursing job with MU Health Care in Family Medicine. I later transferred to oncology, where I’ve found a passion for the work we do here.

About My Role

I am the manager for the inpatient oncology and observation units and for supportive and palliative care. I am so excited about this new role as we have such wonderful, talented staff on these units.

Favorite Part of My Job

We like to have fun at work, and I enjoy my co-workers. My goal as a nurse is to brighten the day and help make people smile, whether they are my co-workers or the patients in our care.

Why is it important to provide quality care?

Our patients trust us to provide the best care possible, so we have to perform to provide the best for them every day. It is important to care for patients as we would want our family treated.

How do you feel supported by your co-workers?

We are a team, and they step up to help whenever it is needed. They check in and make sure you are OK on rough days. Plus, we laugh a lot at work, so the humor definitely helps support a fun working environment.

Why do you choose to work 45 minutes from home?

I love having land in the country. I like the quietness of living away from the city. But I also love working for MU Health Care and the great work that we do here.

What sets MU Health Care apart as an employer?

It is a great place to work. With all the different areas, you can really find a home here. The benefits are great! It’s a bonus that you work with such talented, fun co-workers and do work that is important and makes a difference.

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