To overcome cancer, you and your family need personalized, leading-edge cancer care. That’s what you’ll find at University of Missouri Health Care.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, part of MU Health Care, is at the forefront of cancer care. As Missouri’s only state-designated cancer center, our personalized approach provides you with cancer treatments customized to meet your needs. Our team of doctors works closely to coordinate care, meaning you will receive the most advanced cancer treatments close to home.

Because a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, we assign each patient a dedicated nurse or lay navigator. Your navigator helps you through every step of the way — from coordinating your treatments, tests and appointments, to providing you with education and information specific to your type and stage of cancer. Our navigators help you receive care in your community, no matter where you live.

The Ellis Fischel Difference

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center was dedicated on April 26, 1940, as the first cancer center west of the Mississippi River. The center provides screening, diagnosis and treatment, all under one roof.

As clinician scholars at an academic health system, our experts conduct leading-edge research and use today’s most advanced technologies, treatments and research in cancer care. Together, we are on a mission to not only to treat cancer, but to defeat it.

Integrated team approach to cancer care

Our compassionate experts care for you throughout your cancer journey — from diagnosis to treatment to recovery and aftercare. Our team approach to overcoming cancer brings together a variety of experts to help determine the right treatment plan for your individual needs. Your team might include medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, palliative care doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists who work together to meet your needs.

We also collaborate with doctors in your community so you can receive care and support that’s convenient for you and your family. Depending on your treatment plan, you may be able to receive chemotherapy in your hometown and then travel to our facilities for advanced treatments or complex surgeries.

At MU Health Care, we know that cancer affects more than just your body. Our wide range of rehabilitative and counseling services helps you and your family through all the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of cancer.

Leaders in cancer research

We provide the most advanced cancer care in state-of-the-art facilities with leading-edge technologies. Through our research and clinical trials programs, you often have access to new cancer treatments and therapies before they become widely available. Our research teams work together to improve cancer care in Missouri and around the world as part of our academic health system.

Ellis Fischel's Clinical Trials Office has overseen hundreds of trials and enrolled thousands of cancer patients. Past and present trials have included treatment, prevention, screening and supportive/palliative care studies.

Clinical Trials

Specialized cancer care

MU Health Care cancer doctors specialize in treating many types of cancer. No matter what type of cancer diagnosis you face, we have a multidisciplinary team ready to use the latest precision medicine treatments to help you.


And we are leading the way on one of the biggest cancer breakthroughs in recent history – immunotherapy. This is a new way to fight cancer by using your own immune system to attack cancer cells. Immunotherapy has shown promise in treating many types of cancer.

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Targeted therapy

Similar to immunotherapy, targeted therapy is a drug given which specifically finds the cancer cells to reduce or eliminate cancer growth. Unlike other treatments, targeted therapy only attacks cancer cells and leaves health cells alone. Targeted therapy can be used with other treatment options such as chemotherapy.