Quit Tobacco Now Program

There is no denying tobacco use is one of the hardest habits to break, especially on your own. That's why Ellis Fischel Cancer Center has a Quit Tobacco Now program to help tobacco users kick the habit for good.

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The program is completely free and open to anyone in the mid-Missouri area.

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Here's How it Works

Quit Tobacco Now consists of five virtual classes held over the course of 10 weeks. The class meets every other Tuesday, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to discuss a variety of topics, including the science behind addictions, quitting strategies, coping mechanisms and more. Each session will include a group discussion as well as an activity to help guide an overall quit plan. Participants can join via phone or video.

Throughout the entire program, participants will also have access to free nicotine replacement therapy products, such as patches, gum or lozenges.

Class Topics:

  • Session 1:
    • Effects of tobacco use
    • Health benefits of quitting
    • Types of addiction dependence
    • Triggers
  • Session 2:
    • Quit dates and preparation strategies
    • Benefits of cutting back
    • Importance of active planning
    • Coping strategies
  • Session 3:
    • Urges and cravings
    • Managing emotions
    • Relaxation strategies
    • Strategies for cutting back
  • Session 4:
    • Planning for "high risk" relapse scenarios
    • Strategies for cigarette refusal
    • Weight gain
    • Importance of rewarding successes
  • Session 5:
    • Lapses and relapses
    • Resolving conflict
    • Stress management
    • Lifestyle changes

Next Classes Starting Soon

To join, complete the following form and one of our class facilitators will reach out with more details.

For additional questions about the program, email quitnow@health.missouri.edu.

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Photo of tobacco program attendee Bobby

Bobby B.

As a construction worker, Bobby understands hard work. And giving up cigarettes was one of the toughest jobs he’s faced.

Photo of tobacco program attendees Donna and Debbi

Sisters — Donna C. and Debbi H.

"Being able to go and see what other people were going through made me realize that I wasn't the only chain smoker who was having a hard time quitting,"