Whether you’re considering to participate or are already involved in a clinical trial, you should know as much as possible about the trial and feel comfortable asking questions.

Our team at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office is ready to answer your questions and provide information.

Management Team

Ken Baker, RN
Email: BakerRK@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-884-6477

Clinical Trials Office Study Coordinators

Marta Fuemmeler
Email: FuemmelerML@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-884-7483

Sherezad Mistry
Email: MistryS@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-884-7482

Clinical Trials Office Nurse Clinicians/Clinical Study Coordinators

Suzie Cao, RN, WP
Email: CaoMi@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-882-9165

Muška Nuhanović, RN, BSN, OCN
Email: IbrahimovicM@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-882-9195

Angela Waller, RN, BSN, OCN
Email: WallerA@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-884-0053

Clinical Trials Office Regulatory Team

Kristin Herigon, IRB Specialist
Email: HerigonK@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-884-7486

Elizabeth Porting-Jackson
Email: PortingE@health.missouri.edu | Phone: 573-882-7440

Physician Clinical Investigators

Gregory Biedermann, MD
Radiation Oncologist

Donald Doll, MD
Interim Division Director & Professor of Clinical Medicine

Jaffar Hilli, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Mark Hunter, MD
Director, Division of Gynecologic Oncology & Assistant Professor

Jussuf Kaifi, MD, PhD, FACS
Assistant Professor of Surgery & Chief, Section for Thoracic Surgery
Co-Medical Director, Clinical Trials Office

Katie Murray, DO
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Urology

Puja Nistala, MD, MBBS
Margaret Proctor Mulligan Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Medical Director, Clinical Trials Office
Oncology Breast Program Director

Kevin Staveley-O'Carroll, MD, PhD, FACS
Hugh E. Stephenson Jr., MD, Department of Surgery
Director of Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

Michael Trendle, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Tolga Tuncer, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Erin Tuller, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Division of Gynecologic Oncology