Our ER at Women’s Hospital is Closing!

The ER at Women’s Hospital on Keene Street will close permanently on June 10, 2024. This change means MU Health Care will have a centralized ER location at University Hospital, with a separate Children’s ER.

Trusted Experts. With the highest level of ER care in central Missouri, you can trust you're in good hands for care, from routine to complex emergencies.

Coordinated Care. Having women’s ER services as part of our centralized ER means seamless care and easy access to more than 80 specialties. Patients who are pregnant can take comfort knowing our ER doctors work closely with our women’s health experts and new Birthing Center, offering peace of mind and less travel.

Better Connected. By creating one centralized ER in Columbia, you’ll receive streamlined services with a full range of emergency care for adults and children. In situations where time is critical, having one location for emergency care in Columbia allows our specialists to collaborate more quickly and efficiently, maximizing expertise and care for both adults and children.