MU Bridge Program: School-Based Psychiatry

Working within the school districts of Boone County, the University of Missouri Health Care’s Bridge program provides psychiatric evaluations and treatment for school-age children who are experiencing emotional or behavioral health issues.

Because access to psychiatric resources may be limited or costly, children in the program receive an initial psychiatric evaluation with psychiatric providers and two to three follow-up appointments with no out-of-pocket costs. Parents or guardians are asked to attend each appointment so our staff can work directly with them to communicate progress and coordinate care.

If it’s determined a child doesn’t need further treatment after the initial evaluation, they may be referred to other in-school or outpatient behavioral health programs.

Parents, guardians, teachers and providers can contact the school counselors or our staff directly if they believe a child may benefit from the Bridge Program. Our psychiatric providers and nurses work with school counselors and other staff to:

  • Makes psychiatric treatment more accessible and timely
  • Help reduce school crises
  • Get children get back on track to learn, socialize and feel better

MU Bridge Program will provide:

  • Initial psychiatric evaluation and prescription for medication(s) When possible, prescriptions will be chosen from the $4 list of medications for children who are underinsured
  • Two to three follow-up visits with no out-of-pocket costs
  • Treatment for children until their conditions are stable enough to be transferred to a community provider

Nursing Care Coordination includes

  • Involving parents or guardians in the child’s treatment
  • Tracking the child’s progress and medication effectiveness
  • Working with parents or guardians, school staff, in-school and community providers
  • Providing resources for community psychiatrists and other providers
  • Assisting with MO HealthNet status

The MU Bridge Program appreciates the funding and support it receives from the Boone County Children’s Services Fund.

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