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Child’s Toothbrush Injury Provides Important Lesson for Parents

David and Kelley White never imagined a toothbrush would send their five-year-old daughter to the hospital. But as University of Missouri researchers learned, these bizarre injuries are more common than you might expect.

After 268 Days in the Hospital, Micro Preemie Heads Home for the Holidays

After spending 268 days at MU Health Care’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Joy Day will get to celebrate her first Thanksgiving at home. See why her family is calling this a miracle.

Spinal Decompression Surgery Helps Woodworker Return to his Craft

Back pain can have many causes, from sprains and strains to herniated discs. Rick Allain’s problem was a common one – arthritis was causing changes in the joints of his spine.

Mid-Missouri Man Rediscovers Gift of Gab After Throat Surgery

Kalen Stieferman never really appreciated his voice until he nearly lost it. After nerve damage left him hoarse and hard to understand, see how a special surgery restored his joy of connecting with others.

Trauma Surgeon Offers Advice for Deer Hunters

MU Health Care trauma surgeon Jacob Quick, MD, says he sees roughly 30 major hunting accidents every year. But some key safety precautions can limit a hunter’s risk of injury.

Avid Quilter Moves the Needle Again After Robotic Lung Cancer Surgery

Brenda Duncan was surprised when her chronic cough turned out to be lung cancer, despite never smoking. Now, she’s flipping the script to surprise the surgeon who saved her life.

Columbia Veteran Finds Lifeline in Immunotherapy

When Tery Donelson's cancer returned for a fourth time, doctors prescribed a type of immunotherapy that works by preventing cancer cells from hiding in the body and helps the immune system detect and fight those cells.

MU School of Medicine Researcher Receives $3.7 Million Federal Grant to Study Immunotherapy-Boosting Technique to Fight Melanoma

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Breast Cancer Survivor's Experience Paves the Way for Future Patients

Andrea Greer is one of more than 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, and her experience is paving the way for future patients.

Spray-On Skin Helps Firefighter Heal from Serious Burns

Eli Beasley’s life changed instantly when a backyard bonfire burned over 75 percent of his body, but leading-edge technology is helping this firefighter heal.