March 1, 2022

New program offers Missouri nurses the perks of travel nursing without the travel

MU Health Care is launching a new program that allows nurses to experience the flexibility of travel nursing with the comfort of being close to home, while reducing the health system’s reliance on outside agency staff.

The Tiger Flex Program is a contract-based nursing program where nurses have an earning potential of $85 per hour or more with additional weekend and night shift premium opportunities. After working one or more 12-week contracts, they would be eligible for full-time employment with great benefits and a $2,500 reward.

For nurses that currently work at MU Health Care that want to engage in the program, there is an opportunity to enroll in the full 12-week program or a 6-week RN-PRN Tiger Flex option. For the 6-week option, a full-time nurse commits to work beyond his or her scheduled hours each week for a duration of six weeks or more. These nurses will be paid a Tiger Flex differential premium pay rate for those hours worked.

MU Health Care has used travel nurse agencies to help with staffing during the pandemic, but the new program could lessen the reliance on these agencies while also retaining internal nurses who would have left to become travel nurses.

“We’re excited to offer this innovative new program that will allow nurses to enjoy the benefits of travel nursing, while enjoying the comfort of being close to home,” said Shanon Fucik, MU Health Care chief nursing officer. “The flexibility to work 12-week or 6-week contracts at mid-Missouri's only academic health system will allow prospective nurses to experience an environment of clinical excellence and current nurses to feel valued for the tremendous contributions that they have made to allow us to continue serve our mission.”

Tiger Flex Program participants can experience a range of direct patient care specialties in various departments and may renew or cancel their contract after their initial 12-week commitment.

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