We’re looking for nurses to join our Tiger Flex Program — a contract-based nursing program that offers the perks of travel nursing without the travel, plus the earning potential of $66 an hour (or more!).

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Why join the Tiger Flex Program?

Tiger Flex participants (RNs and PRNs) have the ability to work 12-week contracts and can enjoy specific program benefits, which include:

  • Excellent starting pay. Full-time Tiger Flex nurses have the earning potential of $66 (or more!) an hour with additional weekend and night shift premium opportunities.
  • A sense of belonging. Taking part in 12-week contracts means nurses not only gain additional experience working at mid-Missouri’s only academic health system but also have the time to feel connected and part of the team.
  • Potential $2,500 reward. For nurses who want to transition back to full-time, or have maxed out their two 12-week contracts and want to stay, have the opportunity to be hired full-time with great benefits and a $2,500 reward.
  • Choose the location most convenient for you. Tiger Flex nurses can choose to work at our locations in Columbia or Jefferson City.

A nurse in the Tiger Flex program will be a PRN W2 employee and MU Health Care will pay the employer portion of FICA at 7.65%.

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Where in MU Health Care will I work?

Tiger Flex nurses will be part of the Tiger Flex pool, which is for inpatient nurses willing to float to the area of need. Like agency and float pool nurses, they will be able to pick up shifts on the schedule but they may be moved to another area of need. Tiger Flex nurses can choose to work at our locations in Columbia or Jefferson City.

What is the culture like at MU Health Care?

At MU Health Care, we have an inspired, hard working and collaborative environment. We believe anything is possible and we rally around solutions. Together we celebrate diversity and make sure everyone has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger — to have a voice and role in work that is serving our community and changing the field of medicine.

I'm already a nurse at MU Health Care. Can I apply for Tiger Flex?

There are opportunities for current MU Health Care RNs and PRNs as part of the Tiger Flex Program.

To apply, click the link below to log into the Jobs website and search for the Tiger Flex Program posting.

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Have a question?

For additional questions about the Tiger Flex Program, please email AskHR, and your query will be directed to the best HR representative.

Tiger Flex not for you?

Learn more about our full- and part-time nursing opportunities at MU Health Care.