Career Paths at MU Health Care

As one of Columbia’s premier employers, MU Health Care values growth, opportunity and support for each of our employees.

Whether you’re interested in front-line care or prefer to support our mission from behind-the-scenes, working at MU Health Care offers a variety of opportunities for career growth.

Looking for a new job that offers growth, opportunity and support? Learn more about MU Health Care career paths below:

Career Paths

Business Support

Create a welcoming and organized environment by checking in patients, scheduling appointments, coordinating ancillary testing, managing patient medical record requests and more.

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Dining and Nutrition Associate

Perform a variety of food service duties, including food preparation, barista, server, catering and cashier. Opportunities for advancement with experience!

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Create and maintain an environment of facility growth and improvement. Careers can include groundskeeping, skilled trades, mechanical and building facilities. Apprenticeship opportunities available to learn and advance in electrical, mechanical, pipe fitting, HVAC and more!

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Medical Laboratory Services

Composed of phlembotomists that draw blood, laboratory scientists that analyze samples behind the scenes and many support roles. These laboratory professionals perform high-quality testing that is critical to taking care of patients.

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Nurse Tech provides basic frontline care through the entire patient experience, from admission to discharge.

CMA/LPN/RNs work closerly with providers and staff to offer kind, safe and efficient care and support. Certification/license required.

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Pharmacy Technician

Safely complete intake and distribution of pharmaceuticals, prioritizing patient experience.

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Respiratory Therapy

Work closely with providers and other frontline caregivers to offer respiratory therapy care. Respiratory care practicioners require certification/licenses.

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Security Services

Monitor our facilities to help serve and protect all patients, visitors and staff at MU Health Care.

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