Student Vetting Information

Thank you for your interest in the University of Missouri Health Care! Our goal is to provide a great learning experience for students while continuing to provide a safe environment for our patients.

In order to ensure this, we need to make sure that students and instructors meet certain requirements. We require this information be submitted at LEAST six weeks in advance of the requested rotation start date. Please note that inaccurate and/or incomplete information can result in a delay or denial of the start of your requested rotation date.

Clinician Nexus

MU Health Care partners with Clinician Nexus to collect the necessary information needed to authorize students to complete their clinical experience. Students and Clinical Instructors will create a profile with Clinician Nexus and then search for their school’s clinical opportunities. As a School Coordinator, you will also create a profile so you can submit your school’s clinical rotation requests and to assist student’s in completing their requirements.

To create your profile as your school’s designated School Coordinator, click here: Clinician Nexus. Please see the Clinician Nexus School Coordinator User Manual for steps on how to set up your profile.

Students and & Clinical Instructors will also use the Clinician Nexus site to create their profiles. Please share the Clinician Nexus Student and Instructor User Manual

MU Health Care staff creating rotations, please view our User Manual for Unit Coordinators.

All clinical compliance requirements will be submitted via the Clinician Nexus website.

Please note that all Nursing-specific rotations must be approved by the Mid-Missouri Coordinating Council.

Vetting Requirements

Health Requirements

Click HERE for the most up-to-date list of Health Requirements. As a School Coordinator, you will be signing Health Attestations within Clinician Nexus stating that all students and clinical instructors attending clinical rotations at MU Health Care will be up to date with the requirements listed on this page. MU Health Care will conduct audits each semester to ensure that the integrity of the Health Requirements is being maintained. Students and clinical instructors will be selected at random. Please see below for additional details about the auditing process


Background Checks

Photo for ID Badge

Students will need to upload a recent photo of themselves into Clinician Nexus that will be used for their MU Health Care ID Badge. The photo should be in front of a neutral background (gray or white). Selfies are fine as long as they are at arm’s length and is framed from the shoulders and above. Please do not take photos outside or tilt your head in the photo. You will need to upload them in a .jpg format.

All communication will come from the Clinician Nexus program. You will receive alerts as your students and clinical requisites move through the platform, and will be notified once approved, or if additional information is needed. We will email your students when their badges are complete and ready to be picked up at MU Health Care’s Security office inside the main hospital. Students should NOT begin their rotation until they have received their badge.

Parking Information

MU students should park in their normal permitted area. If you are an MU student without a permit, you will need to go online and purchase a normal student permit. Current MU students are not allowed to purchase permits as a visitor.

Non-students will need to go online to the parking website site and purchase a permit. They may also use meters on campus.

The best link to do this will be Click on Tiger Park Portal and create a visitor account. Also, visitors may stop in the parking office and purchase a day permit. For further questions about parking, please email or call MU Parking & Transportation at 573-882-4568.

Dress Code

Please wear closed-toe shoes and business casual attire (or scrubs if approved by the department or employee). Individual departments and employees may have additional dress code guidelines, so please inquire as to appropriate attire when arranging dates and times. No jeans or high heels.

Auditing Process

MU Health Care will audit 10% of your submitted student population, and 10% of your clinical instructors each semester. The students and instructors will be chosen at random. The school must be able to provide documentation of all requirements within 24 hours of request. If a student or instructor is missing any requirements, then they will be removed immediately from the clinical site. If multiple students or instructors are missing requirements, then the school may be subject to termination of their contract with MU Health Care.