A Stitch in Time: Quilt-Maker Quickly Returns to Hobby After Thumb Arthritis Surgery

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Story Summary

Mette Brown started making quilts in 1997, and before long, her hobby evolved into what she now calls a “ridiculous obsession.” The basement of her Columbia home is devoted to quilting, with her current work-in-progress hanging on the wall behind her sewing station and old favorites accessorizing every available piece of furniture.

“If I could do it all day long, every day, I would,” she said.

As much as she loves quilting, Brown had to give it up in the fall of 2021. That’s when the cortisone shots she had been getting to manage the pain in her left thumb stopped working. The pain made it impossible to keep snipping and stitching, and it affected other parts of her life too. She had to give up babysitting her youngest grandchild because she couldn’t pick him up or hold him, and the throbbing thumb interrupted her sleep at night.

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