Warm Welcome: Diane Suthoff

Photo of Diane Suthoff

About Me

I am originally from Massachusetts. I think having a slight accent helps me put people at ease. They often come right out and ask, “Where are you from?” I reply, “Here.” They smile or chuckle immediately and say “No way.” So, it’s a good icebreaker.

About My Role

I work in cancer screening at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, and I drive the MU Health Care Mammography Van. The Mamm Van, as it’s called, is a full-service mobile breast health clinic. It offers the same top-quality care you’ll find at any of our imaging centers. In addition to mammograms and breast exams, the nurses also check for suspicious moles, which helps a lot of patients detect problems they likely wouldn’t see on their own.  

Favorite Part of My Job

The best parts of my job are meeting people and driving the Mamm Van. The mobile unit allows us to reach people who can’t make it to Columbia or take time off from their jobs throughout central and northern Missouri. This outreach enables us to serve those who otherwise might not get these recommended checkups.

Culture of Yes

When people come in to get screened for cancer, they usually feel nervous and anxious. I do what I can to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. I enjoy it when I can get a smile or laugh from my patients.

A Day in the Life of the Mamm Van

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