Get Back on Track With the Care You Missed

The pandemic has caused us to put a lot on hold, and for a third of Americans, that includes routine health care.

Because keeping up with routine care is vital to preventing diseases and managing chronic conditions, MU Health Care is here to help patients get back on track with the care they missed. If you’re one of the many who had to skip or delay care, it's time to check back in on your health and focus on the pieces you may have put on hold.

Here's a helpful checklist to get started:

  • Have you checked in with your provider about any existing conditions?
  • Are you up-to-date on recommended cancer screenings? Not sure? Download our guide.
  • Have you had a wellness visit within the past year?
  • Are your prescriptions refilled and up-to-date?
  • Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? See how you can do your own screening.
  • Are you up-to-date on your immunizations?
  • If you have children, are they up-to-date on their well-child checkups and immunizations?
  • Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine? Schedule now

If you answered no to any of the above, our team is here for you — both in person and online.

Schedule Appointment

Telehealth Virtual Appointment Options

Through our telehealth visits, you have the option to schedule virtual appointments with primary care doctors and specialists. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera.

Telehealth Appointments

On-Demand Care

If you need care quickly and can't wait for an in-person or a scheduled telehealth appointment, we also offer on-demand care through video visits.

Committed to Safety

The way we provide care might look a little different, but our commitment to safe, expert care is unwavering. For the past year, we've adapted our processes and facilities to ensure patients can maintain their health and safely receive the care they need. See how we're keeping patients safe.