Before Hip Surgery

Your University of Missouri Health Care hip replacement team recommends you take the following steps to set yourself up for a successful hip surgery.

Things to do prior to surgery

  • Avoid smoking and excess alcohol
  • Communicate with us often, especially if you have questions or concerns
  • Exercise muscles before surgery
  • Get recommended medical, dental and other checks to ensure you are healthy before having surgery
  • Talk to your doctor about the outcomes and risks of surgery
  • Maintain good hygiene and reasonable body weight
  • Understand and follow discharge instructions when you leave the hospital

The decision to have elective surgery should be made after careful thought and deliberation.

What health conditions must be considered before undergoing surgery?

Your body needs to be working at its best to help fight infection. It is important to manage weight, keep blood sugar levels under control, make sure you have a good amount of protein in your diet and avoid tobacco before you have surgery. Your surgeon may recommend delaying surgery until these things have been controlled. It is important to discuss with your doctor any other health conditions, such as diabetes, heart issues, blood clots or any history of blood clots in your family.

Strengthening your muscles before surgery

You should build strength in the muscles surrounding your joint before having surgery. We encourage patients to participate in "prehab," a preoperative rehabilitation program in the weeks or months before surgery.


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