November 12, 2020

MU Health Care is tightening restrictions on visitors to its hospitals and clinics in response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the region. The restrictions are designed to protect employees, patients and visitors.

The guidelines taking effect tomorrow, Nov. 13, include:

  • No visitors allowed at any hospitals except:
    • One visitor for surgeries and procedures that result in a hospital admission.
    • One partner or spouse plus a coach in labor and delivery. (One spouse or partner after baby is born.)
    • Parents or guardians of hospitalized pediatric patients.
    • When patients are nearing end of life.

Additional restrictions for clinics will be implemented Nov. 23 to include:

  • One visitor allowed for clinic visits only in the following situations:
    • One person for outpatient surgeries and procedures where sedation is used.
    • Visits related to pregnancy.
    • Patients with physical or mental limitations.
    • Visits involving pediatric patients.
    • New or significantly changed oncology diagnosis.

“The COVID-19 prevalence has increased significantly in the region,” said Mark Wakefield, MD, MU Health Care associate chief medical officer. “These additional restrictions are necessary to ensure we can continue to safely provide all patients with the best care possible. Now, more than ever, it’s critically important that everyone do their part to stop the trend of rising COVID-19 cases by wearing a mask, social distancing and practicing good hand hygiene.”

MU Health Care offers electronic cheer cards to send well wishes to patients.

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