If you have had weight loss surgery in the past, but are no longer seeing results, you may be a candidate for revision surgery. In most cases, a single weight loss surgery provides the desired weight loss results. However, some patients who undergo surgery can experience weight gain or other problems years after surgery.

At University of Missouri Health Care, our expert bariatric surgeons perform advanced and complex weight loss revision surgeries. Our surgeons work with you to develop a personalized surgical plan based on your previous surgery, your current health and lifestyle, and other factors. Each patient’s revision surgery is unique and may be complicated, requiring an experienced surgeon to deliver the desired results.

Our team of bariatric specialists will review your diagnostic results and take into consideration your overall health before making a thoughtful recommendation on the procedure that is best for you. To qualify as a candidate for a revision surgery and to maximize your safety, you may need to undergo some testing to ensure revision surgery is right for you. A mental health evaluation with one of our specialist will likely be required.

At MU Health Care, we can help you achieve better health through weight loss. Our compassionate weight loss team will work with you to find solutions to your weight loss problems.

Weight loss revision surgery options

Each revision surgery is different for each patient. In many cases, you can have a laparoscopic revision surgery. These minimally invasive procedures use only a few small incisions to allow your doctor to correct surgical problems.

Revision surgery may also be necessary if you are experiencing problems such as malnutrition, malabsorption, severe dumping syndrome, ulcers or strictures. In some cases, your physician will need to reverse your previous bariatric surgery to overcome these complications and improve your health.

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