Third Party Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in raising funds for University of Missouri Health Care. We are grateful for the individuals and community groups who wish to support our mission of advancing the health of all people, especially Missourians, through exceptional patient care, research and teaching.

These guidelines are intended to assist you in planning a successful event that is consistent with the mission of our hospitals and clinics. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf.

Your fundraising effort will be evaluated for approval by MU Health Care Advancement to ensure fit with hospital priorities. Approval is granted on a per event basis. To initiate the process of approval, please complete the application form located at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please send email to

Applications for support must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event. You will be contacted within 14 business days. Please do not solicit contributions for your event under the name of MU Health Care until you receive approval. Should your application be declined, reference to the hospital and its affiliates will not be permitted.

Once your fundraising effort has been approved, these guidelines apply:

The office of advancement can provide the following assistance:

  • An endorsement letter confirming you are raising funds on behalf of MU Health Care 
  • Help in directing your funds to a specific area of interest that has special meaning to you and/or your organization
  • Direction on the acceptable use of the hospital’s name and logo in promotional materials
  • Review of promotional materials (please see promotional guidelines below)
  • Social media promotion, pending other hospital events and activities
  • Additional resources may be available upon approval of the associate vice chancellor; request for additional resources must be included with application

The office of advancement cannot provide:

  • Staff support for event coordination
  • Recruitment of event sponsors or participants
  • Mailing lists of donors, vendors, employees, volunteers
  • Payment of expenses (All costs for the event must be paid either from proceeds or by the event organizer. MUHC cannot front or reimburse expenses.)
  • Tax-exempt status for purchases for your event 
  • Guaranteed staff attendance at your event
  • Receipts for donations not made directly to MU Health
  • Insurance coverage
  • Necessary contracts and/or permits

Promotional Activities/Materials

MU Health Care Advancement/Marketing must review and approve all promotional materials that include the name and/or logo of the hospital and its affiliates. Please contact us for review of materials.

Materials must state the fundraising effort is “sponsored by you/your organization for the benefit of MU Health Care.”

All media appearances promoting your fundraising effort must be discussed in advance with MU Health Care’s Public Relations Department. 

Promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit MU Health Care.

Tips for Success

  • Set a fundraising goal and update your supporters along the way.
  • Share specific examples of how these funds will help the intended beneficiaries (e.g. purchasing a wig for an Ellis Fischel Cancer Center patient or books for Children’s Hospital).
  • Promote your event on social media, including photos and progress toward your goal.
  • Thank your supporters and volunteers – before, during and after your event!

Event Proceeds

All proceeds from your event must be received by the hospital within 30 days. Please mail a check payable to MU Health Care to:

MU Health Care Advancement

One Hospital Drive, DC066.00

Columbia, MO 65212


MU Health Care cannot assume responsibility of any nature associated directly or indirectly with your fundraising effort. Organizers must agree to release and hold harmless MU Health Care from any liability arising from the event.

Tax Deductions and Receipting

MU’s Office of Advancement is responsible for providing tax-deduction receipts for all charitable donations to University-affiliated entities, including MU Health Care, in accordance with IRS regulations.

An individual or organization making a donation payable to MU Health Care will receive an official receipt for tax purposes outlining the tax-deductible portion of the donation. 

If goods and/or services are received in return for charitable donations (such as auction purchases, meals, tickets, etc.) the fair market value of those goods/services will be deducted from the total donation amount to determine the tax-deductible portion of the gift.

Event Approval Request

Contact Address
Event Location

I understand until written permission is granted, contributions may not be solicited on behalf of MU Health Care or its related entities. I understand I will be contacted within 14 business days of submitting this application.

I also agree to release and hold harmless University of Missouri Health Care and its officers/employees from any and all claims related to the fundraising effort.

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