Start a Fundraiser

Starting a fundraiser is a great way to engage your community in a cause you care about. It’s also a great way to multiply your impact.

Every dollar you raise on behalf of MU Health Care will fuel our mission to save and improve lives.

How to Start a Fundraiser for MU Health Care

To start a fundraiser on behalf of MU Health Care, please submit the event approval request form at the bottom of this page at least 30 days before your planned event.

We review all requests to make sure that they align with MU Health Care’s mission, and that we can provide any necessary support. We’ll respond to your request within 14 business days. 

Once your event is approved, our team will work closely with you to help make it a success.

Planning Your Fundraiser

On our event approval request form at the bottom of this page, we ask some questions about your plans for your fundraiser. These are the most important questions to answer before you get started: 

What area would you like to support?

Our team will be happy to help direct your funds to a specific area of interest that has special meaning to you or your organization. Our list of areas to support may also help. If you have any questions about directing your funds, email

What form will your fundraiser take?

The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bake sale
  • Book sale
  • Car wash
  • Gala with a silent auction 
  • Karaoke contest
  • Lemonade stand
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Raffle night
  • Restaurant crawl through a local neighborhood
  • Spelling bee
  • Talent show
  • Walk or run 

When would you like to hold your fundraiser? 

To allow time for review of your request and promotional materials, we ask that you plan to hold your event at least 30 days from the time you submit your application.

Where would you like to hold your fundraiser? 

Here are some common locations:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Private homes
  • Restaurants

How big will your fundraiser be?

It’s helpful to think through how many people you would like to have in attendance, and how much money you’d like to raise.

How MU Health Care Can Help With Your Fundraiser

Once your fundraiser is approved, we’ll be happy to provide the following:

  • An endorsement letter confirming you are raising funds on behalf of MU Health Care.
  • Review of promotional materials and direction on the acceptable use of the hospital’s name and logo.
  • Social media promotion, pending other hospital events and activities.
  • Tax-deduction receipts for all charitable donations to University-affiliated entities, including MU Health Care, in accordance with IRS regulations.

Additional resources may be available upon approval. If you think you’ll need something not listed above, please list it in your event approval request.

Your Responsibilities

While we’re happy to support fundraising events however we can, you’ll be responsible for the following:

Event promotion

  • Obtain or create your own mailing or email lists of people you would like to invite to the event.
  • Create promotional materials, such as emails or flyers. Materials must state that your fundraising effort is “sponsored by [you or your organization] for the benefit of MU Health Care.” They must also state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit MU Health Care.
  • Submit promotional materials for approval. MU Health Care must review and approve all promotional materials that include the name or logo of MU Health Care or its affiliates.
  • Give advance notice of media appearances to MU Health Care.

Event coordination

  • Ensure that enough people will be on hand to staff your event. We cannot guarantee MU Health Care staff attendance at your event.
  • Obtain any necessary contracts, permits and insurance coverage.
  • Recruit sponsors, if you’d like.


  • Pay event expenses. All costs for the event must be paid either from proceeds or by the event organizer. MU Health Care cannot front or reimburse expenses.
  • Obtain tax-exempt status for purchases for your event. 
  • Provide receipts for any donations not made directly to MU Health Care. We will provide receipts for all donations made directly to MU Health Care.
  • Send proceeds from the event to MU Health Care within 30 days. There are two ways to do this: 
    • Mail a check payable to MU Health Care and mail it to MU Health Care, Office of Advancement, One Hospital Drive, DC066.00, Columbia, MO 65212.  
    • Arrange to drop off the proceeds or have them picked up by emailing Cristin Clark or calling her at 573-882-0697.


  • Release MU Health Care from any liability arising from the event. MU Health Care cannot assume responsibility of any nature associated directly or indirectly with your fundraising effort. 

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

  • Set a fundraising goal and update your supporters along the way.
  • Share specific examples of how these funds will help the intended beneficiaries (for example, purchasing a wig for an Ellis Fischel Cancer Center patient or books for Children’s Hospital patients).
  • Promote your event on social media, including photos and progress toward your goal.
  • Thank your supporters and volunteers before, during and after your event.


Email or call us at 573-884-2229 with any questions you may have about starting your fundraiser. 

Event Approval Request Form

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I understand until written permission is granted, contributions may not be solicited on behalf of MU Health Care or its related entities. I understand I will be contacted within 14 business days of submitting this application.

I also agree to release and hold harmless University of Missouri Health Care and its officers/employees from any and all claims related to the fundraising effort.

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