Who Will Be on My Care Team?

team concept

When you have weight-loss surgery, you'll work with a team that's trained to help you lose weight and make healthy changes in your life. 

They will help you prepare for surgery. Before your surgery, ask your team how they will help you prepare for life after surgery while you adjust to new ways of eating and changes to your body.

Your team might include:

  • A medical doctor or nurse to help manage your care and schedule tests before surgery.
  • A surgeon who specializes in weight-loss surgery.
  • A registered dietitian to help you plan meals and make changes in the way you eat.
  • An exercise specialist to help you be more active and get stronger.
  • A therapist or counselor to help you learn why you eat too much. He or she can teach you ways to deal with stress and your emotions.

Meet the MU Health Care Bariatrics Team


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