The Journeys program helps coordinate care provided by a child's health care professionals, community and family. Together, we meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a child and family as they deal with complex medical or life-limiting conditions.

Journeys is available to families to:

  • Coordinate a care plan that meets the patient and family's goals and values.
  • Provide support and comfort care during the end of life and provide bereavement support during the year following the death of a loved one.
  • Understand that all families are unique in their needs and may benefit from some or all of the services provided by Journeys.

What we provide:

Care Coordination

Journeys can assist children, family and health care providers with goals to ensure children live full lives. Journeys staff members, your child's primary care team and your family work together to establish your child's care goals.

We will schedule an evaluation of your child and a meeting with your family as needed. These care goals and values are communicated to your child's school, family physician and medical specialists. The care plan is adapted as your child and family's needs change.

End of Life - Bereavement

Children's Hospital doctors, nurses and support staff established Journeys to help families as they cope with their bereavement needs. Staff members are available throughout the grieving process and provide bereavement and spiritual resources as well as opportunities to network with other staff and other families.

Staff members are available to assist to talk to siblings, family members and friends regarding their child's death. Also, educational resources are provided throughout the year to assist in the grief process. That support is invaluable during times like holidays and birthdays when it can be especially difficult. Family and friends are offered the opportunity to attend the Children's Hospital annual memorial service.

Eligibility and Referral

The Journeys program is available to any child who has a medical condition that is either complex or potentially life-limiting. Your health care provider can consult the Journeys team to begin the enrollment process.