Quality Care and Patient Safety

University of Missouri Health Care is focused on creating a health care environment known for excellent, safe and effective patient-and-family-centered care.

When choosing a hospital, patients should consider many factors. Among the most important factors are quality of care and patient safety. For those reasons, MU Health Care follows rigorous quality, patient safety and service practices throughout all our hospitals and clinics.

Why do we report our quality of care?

We provide the following information to help our patients make informed decisions.

The Basics of Health Care Quality 

Enhancing Safety and Quality 

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What Patients Can Do 

This information explains what we are doing to improve our care, how the quality of our care compares to other hospitals in Missouri and the United States, and what patients and their families can do to help ensure top-notch health care.

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MU Health Care's mission is to save and improve lives, and we work every day to ensure our patients receive the highest-quality care.

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About us

As a leader in quality improvement, MU Health Care is always working on new ways to provide the safest, most effective care to our patients. For example, in cooperation with the Tiger Institute for Health Care Innovation at MU, we have implemented one of the most advanced electronic medical records in the country, receiving top-level HIMSS Stage 7 recognition. This high-tech medical record allows us to barcode-scan every dose of medicine we provide in the hospital, ensuring medication safety. It also allows us to integrate medical equipment with our electronic medical record, so patients in our “smart rooms” have their blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs automatically recorded for nurses and physicians to review.