Whether you're looking for an experienced plastic surgeon following a traumatic injury or you’re seeking care for an abnormality you were born with, you can trust the experts at University of Missouri Health Care.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons are the most experienced reconstructive surgery team in central Missouri. That’s important because these surgeries need highly skilled, precise techniques to create the most natural-looking results. Our plastic surgeons are specially trained in microsurgery — surgeries performed using tiny instruments under a microscope. Our surgeons are also experts in wound closure to reduce scarring. 

As an academic health center, we offer experience, medical technology and capabilities you can’t find anywhere else in mid-Missouri. If there’s a new advancement in burn treatment, wound closure or another area of reconstructive surgery, like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, our reconstructive surgeons are on the leading edge of care. We also offer treatments before they’re widely available through our clinical trials.

Restoring form and function

We specialize in reconstructive surgeries throughout the body, in both children and adults. Our plastic surgeons work as part of a collaborative team with specialists in trauma care, cancer, orthopaedic surgery and other medical specialties. 

As part of your team, plastic surgeons provide care for a full range of conditions that need reconstructive surgery, including:

  • Burns, wounds, scars and other injuries
  • Cancer reconstruction, including breast and skin cancer 
  • Congenital (present at birth) malformations of all types, including cleft lip or palate, and hand and foot abnormalities
  • Facial procedures, including paralysis-related deformities, ear and nose reconstruction, and more

Our reconstructive surgery experts offer you a level of care you can’t find anywhere else nearby. We take the time to understand what’s important to you and develop a treatment plan that will help you gain a new sense of well-being.