Kidney Transplant Process

Before transplant

A transplant nurse coordinator will collect the appropriate medical records and schedule a transplant evaluation. Your transplant nurse coordinator will communicate with you and your medical team throughout the transplant process.

You will have a comprehensive evaluation by all members of our transplant team, including the transplant physicians, transplant surgeons, transplant nurse coordinator, social worker, financial coordinator, dietitian and psychologist.

The team will determine which tests and labs will be required to determine if you are a transplant candidate.

After completing the evaluation process and determining that you are eligible for a kidney transplant, you may be transplanted with a kidney from a living donor, if one is available. You can also be placed on the waiting list with the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS).

For patients on the kidney transplant waiting list, the Missouri Kidney Collaborative has created a resource for patients and caregivers, My Transplant-Ready Workbook. This free online workbook will help prepare patients for the transplant process and recovery.  

Transplantation surgery

Once an organ is available for transplantation, you will be notified by one of the transplant coordinators. You will go to University of Missouri Health Care to be admitted to the surgery floor.

After the surgery, the transplant team will follow the patient closely during recovery. In the first few weeks after discharged from the hospital, you will be seen frequently.

After transplant

Once you are home, your nurse coordinator will be in regular contact with you. In the first few weeks after discharge from the hospital, you will be seen once or twice per week in our outpatient transplant clinic. Over time, routine care will be transitioned to your primary care physician. For continuity of care and to ensure the best outcomes, we continue to follow our transplant patients for life.

Adjusting to life after a kidney transplant will take time. Our doctors and staff work with you to make sure you’re taking care of your physical and emotional health. Learn more about what to expect after your kidney transplant and find helpful resources by visiting our life after transplant page.