More than Babies: Midwives Focus on Shared Decision-making

Photo of Laurie Rodenberg and Lori Anderson
Laurie Rodenberg, left, and Lori Anderson are certified nurse midwives at MU Health Care

When people hear the word ‘midwife’, they often think of someone who delivers babies. For Lori Anderson and Laurie Rodenberg, MU Health Care’s two certified nurse midwives, delivering babies is a big part of the job, but that’s not all they do.

“We’re nurse practitioners who are experts in normal delivery and well-woman care,” Rodenberg says.

Anderson and Rodenberg serve their patients during clinic hours at Missouri OB/GYN Associates, next door to MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital. They offer a full range of services for women: prenatal, delivery and well woman. The latter can include pap smears, birth control and more, Anderson says. Whether delivering babies or offering other care, these midwives keep the focus on education and shared decision-making.

“Women want to be heard,” Anderson says.