Our Children’s ER is moving!

As we make the transition to our centralized campus over the next three years, one of the first changes is in our emergency services.

MU Children's ambulance in front of University Hospital

Emergency care for kids

In mid-November, our emergency room for kids, now located at Women's and Children's Hospital, will relocate to University Hospital.

The move will allow us to offer the same expert care in a new and expanded kid-friendly space. We will have amenities including child life services, a facility dog and fun décor.

Our doctors are board-certified in pediatric emergency medicine, meaning they have undergone years of training to be experts in caring for acutely ill or injured children in an emergency room. Learn more about emergency care for kids.

Emergency care for pregnant women

Pregnant women needing emergency care should continue to go to the emergency room at Women's and Children's Hospital, which will be renamed Women's Hospital during this transition period.

Emergency care for other adults

All other adults should continue going to the emergency room at University Hospital.

The move of our emergency room for kids to University Hospital is one of the first steps toward creating a centralized hospital campus that will include a brand-new Children's Hospital, a Birthing Center and more. The project will last through 2024. Learn more about the project and timeline.