Meet Miles: A Cancer-Fighting Wagon Rider

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we are sharing stories about patients who inspire us.


Miles Fuemmeler, 1, was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma — a rare liver cancer — after doctors found a softball-sized tumor on his liver in June 2018.

He is currently undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital to shrink the tumor before it is removed.

During his visits, Miles enjoys spending time with child life specialist Leah Hoelscher and nurse Jessica Peterson, but his favorite activity is riding through the hallways inside a wagon pulled by his mom, Kendra.

“He loves to lay back, relax and wave at everyone we pass,” Kendra said. “By now, a lot of people know him and will say, ‘Hi, Miles!’ when they see us. If someone doesn’t immediately wave back, Miles will keep waving until they do.”

During a recent ride through the Children’s Hospital lobby, a man was so moved by Miles’ friendliness that he bought him a stuffed animal from the gift shop. Today, the “PAW Patrol” dog rides shotgun next to Miles in the wagon as he continues his treatment and waves goodbye to cancer.

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