Scoliosis Mentoring Program

The goal of the Scoliosis Mentoring Program at Children's Orthopaedics is to connect families so they can share experiences.

The program provides an opportunity for those who have completed the scoliosis journey to support others who are about to begin the journey. We hope this gets patients back to feeling like themselves after surgery.

We will share contact information with you of a patient who has agreed to be a mentor. You may contact them prior to surgery with any questions you have about their experience.

Benefits of the mentor program

Benefits of participating in Children's Orthopaedics scoliosis mentoring program include:

  • Mentors can build leadership skills.
  • Mentors and mentees can form friendships.
  • Mentees can help reduce any anxiety they may be feeling by learning more about the scoliosis treatment process.
  • Mentors can provide support to others in a similar situation.
  • Mentors have the opportunity to share their experience.

Common questions for your mentor family

Here are some questions you may want to ask your mentor family when you first meet with them:

  • Can my parents stay with me the whole time at the hospital?
  • Do you have tips on how my family can help me through this process?
  • How did you feel after your surgery? What made the pain better or worse?
  • What did you bring to the hospital to help you during your stay?
  • When were you able to return to your normal activities?
  • When were you able to start playing sports again?