Warm Welcome: Sue Sinele

Sue Sinele

About Me

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and moved to Columbia in 2001. My husband and I have been married for 34 years and are lucky enough to have two children who both live here in Columbia. My two grandchildren are the light of my life. My son recently added a fur baby granddog to the mix as well. My hobbies include travel, movies and shopping.

About My Role

I am the nurse navigator for cancer screening, the mammogram van and the lung screening program. It’s my responsibility to give results to patients and schedule additional testing if needed. My primary role is to explain findings and possible causes of those findings. It’s a phone call that nobody wants to make/to receive, but I try to alleviate some of our patients’ worry by explaining that there are “normal” things that could have been identified. Getting patients in as quickly as possible for an answer from their doctors is my goal.  

Favorite Part of My Job

My favorite part of this job is trying to take some of the worry away from the patient when they hear their testing is abnormal. I can tell by their voice if I’m able to achieve this. 

Culture of Yes

Our team is great! The nurses and mammography technologists make sure the patients are given the best care while here for their visit, and I try to continue that level of care once they see me/get to me/hear from me. I do this by getting patients’ results to them as quickly as I can. When a callback is needed, I try to anticipate our patient’s needs whether that is by explaining the upcoming testing in detail or getting them in as quickly as possible so they don’t have longer to worry. I also give patients opportunities to ask as many questions as they need. At Ellis Fischel, we really do live the Culture of Yes.